Welcome to Stockmens Coalition: for Just Treatment of Owners and Livestock

We are a group of livestock owners. We live in rural Thurston, Lewis and Grays Harbor County. Our issues and concerns are faced by all livestock owners in Washington state.

The Stockmens Coalition was formed in 2009 to address the issues that many livestock owners are facing when land use changes and newcomers initially view livestock in a rural setting. What livestock owners see on a daily basis is often troublesome to new rural residents.

We also came about through apparent misapplication of animal cruelty laws.

In both cases sometimes the sleeping horse appears to be dead. Other times a shaggy critter is coming out of a wet winter and shedding a protective coat. Once in a while what appears to be a starving animal is an animal naturally refusing food because of normal aging.

Our specific goals are:
  1. Educate the public on the care of livestock
  2. Serve as advocates to supervise and monitor care of animals with their owners
  3. Assist in providing feed, medical care to animals, especially during disasters
We will work to educate owners on the proper care of animals, to protect owners from needless prosecution and to provide temporary assistance in those situations where timely support can help the owner through a tough period.

Many of our documents are pdf format. Use the Adobe link to download this free software.

We appreciate support from new members, direct donations and shopping contributions through organizations such as igive.com

April 15, 2012- We are now on Facebook!